Leo Luo Tops Sina Weibo’s Most Popular Costume Stars List

After a month of fierce competition, the results are in for Sina Weibo's Most Popular Costume Stars. Netizens have cast their votes and picked their choices among the hundreds of actors and actresses who portrayed a character in a Chinese costume drama. Leo Luo who played Night God Run Yu in 2018's mega-blockbuster xianxia Ashes... Continue Reading →

Ancient Drama “Legend of Phoenix” Releases Cute Romantic Trailer

A cute romantic version trailer of upcoming ancient costume drama Legend of Phoenix ( 凤弈 ) was released on May 17th showing the relationship development of Ye Ningzhi and Wei Guang, the two main characters of the story. The historical drama brings together Jeremy Xu Zhengxi (Siege in Fog) and Viva He Hongshan (Ruyi's Royal... Continue Reading →

Yu Zheng Shared New Stills of Costume Drama “The Glory of Tang Dynasty” in Celebration of Labor Day

In celebration of labor day, artistic director/producer Yu Zheng shared several new stills of his latest historical fiction production The Glory of Tang Dynasty (大唐女儿行) on his personal weibo account: " 剧组祝大家五一快乐! The crew wishes everyone happy 1st of May! The drama previously called The Women of Tang Dynasty, is currently in production and produced... Continue Reading →

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