Guess Who’s Who: Chinese Celebrity Childhood Photos

In honor of Children’s Day which is celebrated on June 1st in China, I thought I’d compile and share some cute and absolutely squishable photos of some of our favorite Chinese celebrities’ childhood pictures. While some of them already have those unmistakable features, others would make you scratch your head and think “how did that happen?” Now, take a look down below and try to guess as many as you can.

No cheating!

Answers: Top to bottom. Hu Ge, Chen Linong, Huang Xuan, Liu Shishi, John Hou, Zheng Xiujing, Jackson Yi, Zhao Liying, Dong Sicheng, Li Wenhan, Liu Yifei, LuHan, Deng Ziqi (GEM), Cai Xukun, Zhu Yi Long, Darren Chen, Joe Xu, Kris Wu, Dilireba, Joker Xu, Tang Yan, Justin Huang, Lay Zhang, Yang Zi, Johnny Huang, Hua Chenyu, Leo Wu, Yang Mi, Zhou Zhen Nan, Leo Luuo Yunxi, Deng Lun

So how many correct guesses did you make? Feel free to leave your comments.


source: weibo

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