WEB RANKINGS: Drama/Variety/Celebrity Weekly Index May 20-26 (2019)

The drug-trafficking investigative crime drama The Thunder (  破冰行动 ) has taken over the top spot in the drama category. The strong plot and solid acting from its ensemble cast of veterans and newbies have generated so much buzz for the drama making it the most viewed series this week at the same time it is worth noting that it is also currently the top drama on CSM55 cities and nationwide having recently broken 1% in ratings. It will most likely stay in the number 1 position as the series comes to a close this week. It’s lead actor Johnny Huang also placed 2nd on the celebrity list following My True Friend ( 我的真朋友 ) star Deng Lun while co-star Zhu Yi Long is on 3rd. Street Dance of China Season 2 clocked in at number 5 for the variety/reality/game show category.

Here are the top 10 lists for this week!



  1. The Thunder
  2. Investiture of the Gods
  3. The Great Craftsman
  4. Princess Silver
  5. My True Friend
  6. All is Well With Us
  7. Le Coup de Foudre
  8. Anti Terrirism Special Forces: The Wolves
  9. Listening Snow Tower
  10. Chor Er’s Preach



  1. Keep Running Season 3
  2. Go Fighting! Season 5
  3. Back To Field Season 3
  4. Produce Camp 2019
  5. Street Dance of China Season 2
  6. The Great Escape
  7. Singer 2019
  8. Go Fridge Season 5
  9. Love Timing
  10. Forget Me Not Cafe



  1. Deng Lun
  2. Johnny Huang Jingyu
  3. Zhu Yi Long
  4. Luo Jin
  5. Leo Luo Yunxi
  6. Liu Tao
  7. Wu Gang
  8. Sophie Zhang Xueying
  9. Yang Mi
  10. Wallace Huo

*A comprehensive list based on market share, audience response; comments, likes, total traffic generated and play volume from online platforms.

source: 1

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