Chinese Actress An Yuexi’s 6-Year Marriage Exposed

Cute, bubbly and young actress An Yuexi’s personal life has recently been put on the spotlight as news of her 6-year marriage to non-celebrity husband makes the rounds online. Surprised? At least I was at first because I thought she was so young to be married. But then I realized that she is actually already a grown woman at 29 who decided to marry early at 23. Which is totally okay in my book. The actress, probably known for her roles in costume dramas Journey of Flower and Eternal Love has this youthful appeal that one would think she is still so young.

An Yuexi debuted in 2013 and started with small supporting roles to leading roles in dramas like The Endless Love, Let’s Shake It ET as the alien Abu Cha Cha and Granting You a Dreamlike Life with Zhu Yilong as her leading man.

Generally, fan reactions have not been extreme after her married status was revealed. Sometimes fans can be so selfish, at least the female fans usually are when it comes to their idols. No one is ever good enough for them us. That is why most celebrities opt to hide them from our prying eyes. I am guessing that she did not intentionally hide it (or not). Her husband who looks decent and handsome in their marriage registration picture must be a very private person who do not wish to be talked about nor ogled at by the public.

I’m happy for her for having found her match early. I wonder who else is hiding their spouses…hmm…


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