“And the Winner is Love” Confirms Cast and Drops 1st Official Posters

Today, May 29, 2019, the confirmation and announcement was made for upcoming wuxia romance drama And the Winner is Love ( 月上重火 ) revealing its main cast and the first official concept posters were also released. The series is adapted from the popular fantasy novel “Moon on Fire/Heavy Fire on the Moon” by Jun Zi Yi Ze and is jointly produced by Ningbo Film and Television, Perfect World Film and Television, Wentou Holdings, written by Rao Jun and directed by He Yupei. It stars Leo Luo Yunxi, Yukee Chen Yuqi, Zou Tingwei and Tian Yitong. 

If you have seen Ashes of Love ( 香蜜沉沉烬如霜 ), you might be very familiar with the three main leads who have acted together in the xianxia series. Zuo Tingwei, who played the character of Mu Ci the loyal servant of the queen and Liu Ying, Yukee Chen’s character’s love interest in the story. They had a beautiful yet ill-fated love destiny in the drama and very nice chemistry. It would be interesting to see him playing the second-male lead this time around to Leo Luo who played night god Run Yu in AOL. Second female-lead, Tian Yitong who recently starred in My Amazing Boyfriend 2 is Yukee Chen’s sister from the same agency Tang Yan Studio. So I guess there will be no problem with regards to their working relationship.

The rest of the supporting line-up has not been announced. Stay tuned for more announcement soon!


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