Web-Drama “Shao Nv Da Ren” Starring Sebrina Chen and Zhang Ling He Starts Filming

On May 19, 2019 the online drama Shao Nv Da Ren ( 少女大人 ) jointly produced by Pengu Film and Han Ding Yuyou Media Group held its booting ceremony in Hengdian Studios and revealed its line-up of actors. Director Li Xiaojiang , Sebrina Chen ( Age of Legends), Zhang Linghe, Zhang Jiading (Fighter of the Destiny), Wang Yizhe (All Out of Love, Huang Yi (Listening Snow Tower), other co-stars and the rest of the production crew were present at the event.

The light comedy historical drama tells the story of the Prince of Qi who lost his military power after his defeat from an invading kingdom. His brother, the Prince of Yun took the opportunity to ascend the throne as a young emperor. The Prince of Qi decided to retreat from courtly affairs and assumed a private life using the alias Pei Zhao. He meets a young official named Su Ci and was taken by her admirable qualities. The two embarked on a journey and experience numerous fall backs and danger along the way.

Shao Nv Da Ren will be exclusively streamed on Tencent video for a tentative late 2019 broadcast. No official English title has been announced.



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