“L.O.R.D. Critical World” Reveals Character Posters and Short Preview Ahead of May 27 Premiere

Fantasy adventure drama L.O.R.D. Critical World (爵迹·临界天下) the television version of GuoJing Ming’s best-selling fantasy novel L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties will have its premiere on May 27, 2019 via streaming site iQiyi. It stars Joe Cheng as Yin Chen/Silver taking the baton from Kris Wu. It is jointly produced by iQiyi, Ciwen Media, Shanghai Shili Film&TV Production, directed by Ma Hua Gan and Zuo Xi and written by Tian Liang Liang.

The story takes place in Odin a fantasy world divided into four states: water, wind, earth and fire. Each state is protected by soul masters and the most powerful are the seven noble lords. A battle between the Righteous Lords and the Corroders takes place.

Let’s meet the characters below:

JOE CHENG as Yin Chen (Silver) Lord to the 7th degree

ZHANG MING EN as Qi Ling (Asval) Disciple to the 7th degree Yin Chen

MAGGIE HUANG as Shen Yin (Eron) Disciple to the 2nd degree


XIONG NAI JIN as Lian Quan (Lotus) Disciple to the 5th degree

WANG CHUANG as You Ming (Dark) Lord to the 2nd degree

ZHU JIE as Feng Hun (Wind Walker) Lord to the 5th degree

XIAO YAN as You Huan (Princess Kira) Disciple to the 6th degree

ZHAO YI as Lei Ya (Lady Nox) Lord to the 4th degree

HE LONG LONG as Ni Hong (Neon) Disciple to the 4th degree

LIU JIAN YU as Qi La (Zila) Lord to the 3rd degree


After almost 3 years, the drama started filming in the first quarter if 2017, the fantasy adventure drama will finally meet audiences on May 27th.


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